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UnderWunder is fashionable, washable incontinence underwear available in many models for men, women, boys and girls. Does your weak bladder limit your movements? Or does your child no longer want to get changed at school for gym class? To the eye, UnderWunder is normal underwear while invisibly, it absorbs urine.

The secret of UnderWunder lies in the special absorption crotch panel. This crotch panel contains four layers that absorb light to moderate accidents. The four layers in the crotch panel easily absorb the liquid. This leaves the skin dry, and the waterproof layer prevents leakage.

On average, the adult models absorb 125ml and children's models 75ml. The loss of the liquid must take place over 4 hours. UnderWunder is ideal for absorbing drops and trickles. They are not suitable for situations where the bladder is emptied all at once. So, they are ideal if you suffer from stress incontinence or as extra security while your child is potty trained.

You no longer need to worry about unpleasant odours - they are stopped by the absorption layer in the crotch panel, which provides you with extra security.

UnderWunder underwear is of high quality and fits perfectly. It can go in the washing machine and last for a long time, surviving many washes.

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